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Life In Mahabaleshwar

People in Mahabaleshwar commemorate Ganesh Chaturthi with many festivities and religious ritual in the month of September. The high spirits of Mahabaleshwar is not worth missing in March when the unique Strawberry festival is celebrated in a unique and attractive approach. Diwali is also celebrated with great enthusiasm with all the rituals and the entire hill station is found lighted with glitters and lamps and many other beautiful decorative ambiences. They enjoy lot every part of the festivals. Entertainment in Mahabaleshwar is much interconnected with the Nature and fun loving ambience. An evening at Tapola Lake, a drive to Echo point or just a walk in the market and playing the entertaining coin games are few of the ways of entertainment. Apart from this, there are restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, few casinos available to have a revealing experience. Mahabaleshwar is famous for its strawberries, or sundry continental fruits and vegetables. During summer and winter in the bazaar, People guzzle brightly colored fruit drinks. Peddlers control over piles of bright strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and mulberries. Apart from this, Mahabaleshwar is not a shopping destination, but still one can look forward to buy a few things from the local markets. The bazaars of this lovely hill station are bustling and alive offering everything from clothes to slippers and gift items.