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Things To Do In Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a nice hill station for a weekend. There are a lot points that once can visit. Boating on Venna lake during sunset is a amazing experience. There is so much to do as a tourist apart from visiting religious temples. There is enough space at all attractions with decent amenities. The weather is amazing and tourist have all kinds of activities from sightseeing, to trekking, to shopping, religious tour, boating, food, adventure sports etc... It is a great place to go with family or friends. If you are a nature lover or a professional photographer you can enjoy. This is not crowded place and not as much of developed than other hill stations in India.

  • Sightseeing in mahabaleshwar:

    Mahabaleshwar is the largest hill station in the Sahyadri range of Maharashtra. Many visitors visit mahabaleshwar every year.  loadwick point, Wilson point, sunset point, Pratapgad Fort, Elephant's Head Point, Venna Lake that all sightseeings in mahabaleshwar.
  • Temples in mahabaleshwar:

    In mahabaleshwar – Krishnabai Temple, Panchganga Mandir, Atibaleshwar Temple, Mahabaleshwar Temple is one of the most popular attractions and shiv mandir is the oldest of all the temples in mahabaleshwar.
  • Shopping in Mahabaleshwar:

    Shopping in Mahabaleshwaris all about buying fruits, jams, jellies. Town Bazaar, Store at the end of the Bazaar, and Mapro gardens are the places to go for shopping in Mahabaleshwar. Visitors can buy honey, Kolhapuri footwear, handcrafted walking sticks, shawls, and decorative items that are popular here.
  • Activities in Mahabaleshwar:

    Mahabaleshwar offers many activities for leisure seeking travelers and adventure enthusiasts. At this hill station, one may take part in activities like boating, fishing, horse riding and trekking.
  • Food in mahabaleshwar:

    Strawberries, Mulberries and carrots are the speciality of Mahabaleshwar. Vada Pav, the famous local food of Maharashtra, which is prepared by the local vendors. Come and discover the local food.
  • Festivals in Mahabaleshwar:

    Each festival comes with its own colors. Ganesh Chaturthi, Gudhi Padava, Holi, Gokul Ashtami, the Strawberry Festival, and Diwali are some of the festivals in Mahabaleshwar.